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Fantastic tips on things to do in San Antonio

Aug 26, 2013 - Brackenridge Park is Larger Than Life

One can expect to spend at least half a day languidly doing one thing or another at San Antonio’s largest park, the Brackenridge Park. The park boasts of and offers San Antonio charter bus rental visitors more than three hundred and forty acres worth of green space right smack in the middle of the city center. George Brackenridge who was a popular businessman and activist donated the land where the park now sits to the city authorities and the park have since undergone multiple changes and facelifts.

For those who want to see what the locals do during their free time or is interested in doing some simple people-watching, the Brackenridge Park is the perfect place to do so. During your charter bus visit to this top tourist attraction, sit down, chill, take a walk, sit under a tree, hike, rent a bicycle, play some games with the locals...whatever it is, the options are endless. The park serves as an important green space in the middle of a concrete jungle. While it is not as huge and elaborate as Central Park, what it has is atmosphere and a gorgeous river running right through it. Most people who visit the park says that they did not expect the park to be quite as gorgeous and natural as it is. In the rush of modern city life, Brackenridge Park is a much needed respite.

With the river running right through it, we think that this is the perfect moment to just sit down and let the kids roam free on the park space while you feed the ducks that seems to be ever-present in the river. Get some fishing tools to the park too from neighboring shops (unless you have brought your personal ones along with you to the park in anticipation of this activity) and start fishing from the river. We have heard that the yield may not be much but when you do, THAT is the excitement that you are looking for.

And of course, the park is absolutely kid-friendly. There is a small but very complete park that caters to young ones - yes, even toddlers can have some fun of their own too. On top of offering the green space, Brackenridge Park also is home to a very nice Japanese Tea Garden, a skyride, a small golf course and a carousel for the kids. There are some very personalized stuff to see too during your San Antonio charter bus rental visit - like the collection of wood stumps arranged in a quite peculiar manner that serves as an exhibit as well. It is up to you to interpret it the way you see it.

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