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Fantastic tips on things to do in San Antonio

Oct 7, 2013 - Educational Rio San Antonio River Walk Tour

The Riverwalk is everyone’s river....these are words to live by when you are down here in San Antonio. Being driven around in San Antonio in a large shuttle bus, coach charter, passenger bus, mini bus or school bus is one thing, but to be driven around in a large passenger boat is another story, we will have you know.

One of the thing about River Walk in San Antonio is is very charming. The atmosphere is friendly with almost everyone you meet welcoming you and letting you into their world during your bus charter San Antonio tour. The feeling is absolutely priceless. The short Rio river walk tour on a boat will take you slowly down the river and you will get to enjoy it with the narration of the tour guide. Most of the guides have their own story and they will share it with you, doubtlessly but if you are lucky, you will have a tour guide who has his or her own funny quips and a quick wit.

Rio river walk tour opens from 9am and closes at 9pm. Our advice is to get their early because the line will get really long especially when it nears noon. And the other thing about taking the tour at night would be the issue of visibility. Despite providing proper lighting for the evening and night tours, you will most definitely get to see more during the day. Sometimes, when there is a long line, the service remains open well past 9pm so, it is really your call about what time is the best time to make the bus charter San Antonio tour. And by the way, there are group rates (which gives you a nice discount) so, enquire ahead of time and is only available when you make booking ahead of time on their website or personally (as opposed to purchasing the ticket over the counter).

Who should visit the river walk tour? We think that first time visitors who wish to learn more about San Antonio history and culture should definitely try out river walk tour. The guides will give you the kind of insights and information that most books, online review sites and magazines can ever give you. It also gives you an incredible look at amazing sites located around the river and besides, you will take more than just historical facts with you when you are done as there is a good mix of information on pop culture and stuff from the tour guide.

It is just a great time to learn about the locals before hitting those attractions during your bus charter San Antonio vacation.

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